Wireless WiFi Otoscope 3.9mm Ear Inspection Camera with Gyroscope and Earwax Removal Comfortable Tool for iOS and Android.

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1.Our product is a multi-functional intelligent visual ear picking stick, an essential tool for family health, which can not only be used to check the ears and remove earwax, but also check the health of other body parts.
2. This otoscope is equipped with a 3 megapixel HD camera and 6 LED lights, which can provide clear images in any situation, helping you check eardrum and remove the earwax easier.
3. 3.9mm inner diameter and adjustable protective earplugs is smaller, more flexible and safer, making it more convenient to operate and avoiding accidentally hurting the fragile ear canal.
4. Wireless WiFi, five-axis directional gyroscope and 360° rotation can accurately and stably transmit data, helping you know your ears better.
5. The elegant heart-shaped design can avoid slipping your hands to hurt your ears by accident.

Battery capacity: 330MAH
When charging: DC5V 300MA
Number of LED lights: 6PCS
Working frequency: 2.4ghz
Focal length: 1.0~1.5CM
Working environment temperature: -10~80 degrees Celsius
Charging interface: MICRO
Pixel: 500W
Lens diameter: 3.5MM (inner diameter) 3.9MM (outer diameter)

Package Content :
1*ear cleaner+1*USB cable

Color: Black
Electrical outlet: USB